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Viirt Roofing

The new high tech way of receiving a roofing bid in about 3 minutes and of course a great roofing installation.
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Viirt Roofing System

CCB# - 207186 first licensed 7/10/2015  Expires 7/10/2017

(360) 718-7621

They are booked through Febury 2017!

Take 3 minutes to get a FREE estimate and check out the newest high tech way to measure your roof. 

Our Review is 5 Stars!

In September of 2013 I was running a roofing company in Kansas City when I received a phone call from my mom in Portland. She was beginning to look into the roof replacement process for her own home and was frustrated with an industry that seemed impossible to understand. The process was slow moving, contractors’ bids were too high, and no one seemed to tell her exactly what it was she was paying for.

So that’s when she called her son, the roofer.

Recognizing my mom’s frustrations as one held by most homeowners going through the roofing process – the solution was simple. First, I connected her directly to the wholesaler to get the roofing materials she needed. Next, I cut out the salesman and connected her directly to an installer; eliminating the salesman’s hefty commission. Saving my parents over $5,000 on their original bid of $13,000, by working around the middle man, I cut their bid down by 40%.

And that’s when it hit me. Using satellite imagery I could do this for anyone in the country. And the time is now.

Thanks, Mom!

— Josh Davis















The V.I.I.R.T Promise. 













Keeping our practice simple and focused on our customers, we drive a culture that replicates our businesses standards: Value, Innovation, Integrity, Responsibility, and Transparency.

Value — We deliver the highest value of both services and materials, providing best in class customer service at the lowest prices in the industry./


Innovation — We use cutting edge technology to provide you with an instant estimate, offering an online dashboard full of resources to help you along the way.

Integrity — We were developed through the need to bring integrity to a broken industry. Following this belief, through all of our practices, we never lose sight of our mission.

Responsibility — We have created a system of accountability on our team, from our contractors to our customer service reps, ensuring our homeowners that we will be there from beginning to end.


Transparency — We give our homeowners peace of mind with the understanding of where every penny is being spent, keeping them informed throughout every step of the process.

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