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Residential roofing.
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CCB# 189489  - first licensed 2/4/2010 -  Expires 2/4/2020

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Our Business Philosophy

We know that there are numerous options for you when choosing a Portland roofing contractor. Obtaining three estimates is very prudent and we are always very grateful when we are included in your evaluation process.

Mission Statement
Our desire at an interpersonal level is to treat every prospective and eventual customer with Courtesy, Respect and Gratitude.                                            Gratitude is what keeps our lives in perspective and we must actively express it to have meaning and happiness.                  Our market goal is to provide our customers with what we want ourselves: Value – Good workmanship and professionalism at a fair price.                                                         Value is the element that encompasses everyone’s need for the best possible price for the highest standard of work.               Finally, we want to foster an environment of curiosity and desire for growth, whether as an individual learning more about themselves and their capabilities or the company exploring new and better ways of doing things and seeking out new opportunities.                                             Tom Dieringer
Founder and Owner

In your search for a roofing contractor you will often encounter the “Cheap Guys.” They have a pickup, a ladder, a hammer and a slick promise, but might not offer much else. You need to ask yourself whether or not they will still be around in a year or two if there are any problems. Despite what they promise you, do they seem like a company that will back up their work?

There are also the companies out there that have the “Name.” They are a large companies that spend huge amounts of money getting their name recognized but tend to overprice projects knowing that consumers are worried about poor workmanship from the “cheap guys” above. With these roofing companies, you always have to ask yourself whether or not you are overpaying for the job.

Our goal is simple. We want to give you what we want ourselves: VALUE – good workmanship and professionalism at a fair price.

Plus, you can always count on being treated with Courtesy, Gratitude, and Respect.

Thanks for viewing our website and for your consideration – we hope to be working with you soon!

We are a Tigard based roofing company, offering Portland roof installation and repair to the greater metro area.

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